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We are Podenco Eivissa, a menswear label from Ibiza, creating a range of swimwear, which embodies the essence of the island of Ibiza and reflects the spirit of the hound we are inspired by. We insure you are beach and poolside ready in our year round summer.

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  • Tala Manca

    89.00 44.50
  • Cala Gracio

    89.00 44.50
  • The Aquas Blancas Portinatx Printed Men’s Shirt

    79.00 39.50
  • Sa Caletta

    89.00 44.50
  • The Candy Swim Shorts

    89.00 29.00
  • The Tropicana Swim Shorts

    89.00 29.00
  • The Cacti Swim Shorts

    89.00 29.00
  • The Soul Swim Shorts

    89.00 29.00
The Podenco Men

We are a beach and resort wear label based on the island of Ibiza, producing a selection of printed colourful swim shorts, swimming trunks, towelling polos Bermudas and linen shirts. Our collection of men’s swimwear regularly catches the attention of fashion giants including Vogue and others.

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Our clothes are for the travellers who live their lives with an easy attitude. People whose life is their style, not the other way around. People who see the glass half full. Unless there’s time for another. For people that don’t ever try too hard. People that live life and love fully and freely.



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