Born on the beach of Benirras and inspired initially by the Podenco hounds that were brought to the island by the Phoenicians, the original and independent dogs are the epitome of the Podenco Eivissa brand, add the authentic spirit of the island that Benirras represents and the result is a pure and principled approach to offering people around the world that live life and love fully whether they are dancing all night or chilling with a beer after a long day at the beach!  With a new look for 2020 and the label branching out of the island and infiltrating discerning wardrobes around the world we caught up with the Podenco team….

Who is the Podenco man and where does he hang out?

The Podenco man loves to roam, laugh and travel in style, his life encompasses Ibiza, a hedonistic land where the bohemian and the bouji sit side by side in perfect harmony. You wont find our Podenco man in the more obvious hang-outs, more likely in the places he simply stumbles upon after a day at the beach, it’s usually a place where the local hierbas is good! He takes a path less travelled, he hangs out at the boathouses of Sa Caleta, he drinks in the small watering holes with the old ibizenco men exchanging travel stories. Perhaps you will find him cliff jumping, cooking BBQs at sunset and generally loving our dusty rock. He lives in the land that time forgot. He thrives in this, much like the Podenco hound.

Where do you take inspiration for the collection?

We take inspiration from Ibiza, the colours are all here. Our recent colour palette is a mix of soft pastels, aqua blues found on the island shores, dusty pinks from the flamingos scattered across the salt flats at Salinas, clusters of lilac, found in the lavender on the mountain edges, bright lemon yellows from the fruit trees that grace the island, standing tall for summer.

Podenco boasts an obvious connection with Ibiza, is it an island only product?

No we have expanded to the Caribbean; the Butterfly boutique in Barbados and we are also stocked in the Muscat Hills resort in Oman. We work with luxury retreats and hotels, as well as small beach boutiques. We want to create a lifestyle that is attached to our brand, a lifestyle that boasts the simple beach life filled with colourful travels, wherever they may be.

What are your biggest sellers?

The Flamingos & the San Antonio Sea Horses are the best sellers, and from the new collection the Cala Gracio are doing  well.  We are keen beachcombers ourselves and often see men in our swims all over the island, both tourist and local.

What are the Podenco Man’s three essential beach items?

Podenco Eivissa swims, Podenco Eivissa beach bag and ice fresh cold water. The Podenco man is a simple soul.




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