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Anyone will tell you that Ibiza is a laid-back island where you go to think freely, let go and celebrate life. It is the land of hedonism; a glass half full culture where the everlasting sunsets add to this wonderland’s allure. If you’ve spent some time on the White Isle and Eivissa’s northern seaboard, you’ll know that it’s an enthralling place to spend your summers. And at Podenco Eivissa HQ we are here to style your perfect Ibiza summer. The secret to Ibiza style is always comfort and versatility. Think multi-functional clothing. Why? You’ll find yourself hitting the beach during the day for a swim and cocktails and then moseying on over to a beach party from there, so you’ll want to be fitted in something that works for both. Obviously, you still want to look fresh, but it’s an island, man – it’s all about sunshine, and the seas.


Here’s what you should wear to your next beach party, whether it be hitting NASSAU or Destino, trust us; we’re locals.


Shorts: Patterned & Bright


As we’ve pointed out, multipurpose threads are key. This year it’s all about the prints. You’ll want to equip yourself with a couple of pairs of shorts that you can swim an lunch in, but also adorn the party in. Capturing the sorcery of the White Isle, our lux mid-calf length printed Ibiza men’s swimwear shorts come in a wild variety of colours inspired by our beautiful island. So, whether you’re going for a mid-morning swim or stepping into an afternoon party at Blue Marlin, you’ll look smashing and be comfortable at the same time. To be safe, pack a pair of Bermuda’s for the evening, but the likeliness of wearing them at all are pretty slim.


Shirts: Floral & Breathable


This year, and for men, in particular, its prints aplenty. You’ll want to pair your majestic men’s swimwear with simple-cut and breathable shirts. In the day, you’re going to want to go with something super floral and light – preferably short sleeve, while in the evening a lavish linen long sleeve button up. Linen is key because it gets hot, especially at a late-night beach party packed to the brim with like-minded revellers. Have a browse through our lookbook and pick a few base colours that you’re most comfortable with, those that you know will suit you, and then go from there. These shirts are suitable for the beach, all the way through to the bar. They can be worn buttoned-up, or open. This is Ibiza, the land of the free. These shirts are suitable for the beach, the bar and the party. They can be worn buttoned-up, or open. All are welcome here.


Bonus tip: If you’re not one for wearing trunks all day, then these shirts can easily be paired with slightly more formal chino-style Bermuda shorts, for an all-day balling look.


Shoes: Functional


Boots and smart shoes? You can leave those at home. You don’t need smart shoes here. Instead, a pair of sneakers, sandals or some beachy espadrilles will fit the bill for almost any occasion on this island.


Ibiza is chill.


Swimwear Accessories: Cotton Totes & Natural Hessian Beach Bags


Lastly, you’ll need something to carry your belongings in, and because you’ll probably be out most of the day without returning to your accommodation, our tote bags or natural hessian men’s beach bags will go perfectly with your men’s swimwear and floral shirts. These bags are super stylish and sizable, especially great for carrying valuables like camera’s, cellphones, sunscreen and towels to and from the beach. That’s it! The easiest packing session of your life. Once you’ve arrived, put on a pair of shorts and a great shirt, and you’re good to go.


To truly enjoy Ibiza, one must embrace its style and culture. Your best bet is to let your inner hound loose and dress as the Podenco Eivissa man.

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