What was your reason for coming to Ibiza?

I was only supposed to come for the weekend it ended up with me leaving my job in Germany and moving my life here.


What has been your favourite Party you’ve experienced in Ibiza?

It was at a villa last summer when it was expected to rain. We considered cancelling but it still went ahead – mainly indoors – and it was crazy! At one point people started painting the walls


Where is your favourite place to eat paella?

I don’t eat paella but my favourite meal to have here is a Sabich from a place called La Paloma. Its a Middle Eastern eggplant sandwich and its really, really good.


Where is your favourite place for a sunset drink?

Cap Des Falco


Where is your favourite place to dance?

Always outdoors, preferably at someones villa with all my friends and a great DJ. I’ve done the clubs and I do love them but I love how in Ibiza, you can see a DJ play in a massive club and then few days later in a little villa with a more intimate atmosphere and a little more freedom 


Where is your favourite place to have a cafe con leche?

A small tobacco shop near the church at the top of San Miguel. Its mainly full of locals and has a great view.


Where is your favourite beach bar/restaurant?

I would say the Harbour Club in Talamanca. I’m a resident DJ there so naturally that would be my favourite beach bar!


What was your favourite year that you’ve experienced on the Island so far?

All are different and all are good – it would be impossible to choose.


You can find Guillaume at the Harbour Club in Talamanca playing 6 days a week all summer long…

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