Photo of Alex from Capoteyewear Ibiza

What was your reason for coming to Ibiza?

– I followed electronic music from Venezuela, where I am from, and eventually discovered Ibiza after working in the Canary Islands. It’s now my 8th summer here and after originally doing lots of PR work I have now opened my own sunglasses shop – sunglasses and Ibiza are great passions of mine.

What has been your favourite Party you’ve experienced in Ibiza?

– A night which began at one of the best nights on the island – Circo Loco in DC10 and then straight on to Cocoon which carried on all day, then went back to my friend’s Tim and George’s house after that so it was 36 hours non-stop partying all in the name of DJ Ricardo Villalobos’ birthday!

Where is your favourite place to dance?

– Circo Loco at DC10 is where I love to dance. I’m quite particular with what I like but this place always plays the best music and hosts the best people. There is no separation between the dance floor and VIP so everyone enjoys the night together and has a good time.

Where is your favourite place to eat paella?

– A place called Alegria in Cala Jondal

Where is your favourite beach?

– I go every morning for an hour to a place called Sa Punta. I go in the sea and snorkel to look at all the fish and relax. It’s really nice!

Where is your favourite place to go for a swim?

– Atlantis, it’s a natural pool near Es Vedra, it has magical views

What was your favourite year that you’ve experienced on the Island so far?

– 2010 was great. I spent a lot of time with my close girl friend and we shared many a memory It was also the year Spain won the World Cup so experiencing that here in Ibiza was electric!

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