Podenco About


We’re an independent brand that produces clothing that’s pure Eivissa. We began in a beach clothing shop on Benirras with a little image of the Podenco hound on our wall. People that came to our shop would be looking for all sorts of things. So it being Eivissa and all, we carried all sorts of things.

Music. Beach stuff. Clothes. Life was good. Do something like that for a decade and you’ll really get to know a place, and the people that come and go. Do that on an island like Eivissa and it changes you. It’s that kind of place. If you’ve ever sat and watched the sunset on Benirras beach on a Sunday, you know. If you haven’t. You should. Then you’ll understand why we call it home.

Oh, and let’s not forget the hound.

When the Phoenicians came to Eivissa, they brought along these bad ass hunting dogs called Podencos. The Phoenician Empire didn’t survive Ibiza, but their dogs did. And that kind of says it all really. It must have been something to do with not living in the Sahara anymore, along with the proliferation of easy-prey. Funny that.

Now, you see them lounging around all the best balconies, poolsides and beaches. They’re brilliant. Pure Ibiza. Both cool and sharp. Original and independent.

All of that together is Podenco. We set out to make a brand that’s true to the spirit of the island on which it was born, the particular beach on which it first appeared, and the hound whose spirit we aim to reflect.

Podenco is a all of these things. It’s a great night out, dancing until your ears bleed. It’s 4am, howling at the moon. On a yacht. Naked. It’s a wicked DJ on the decks. It’s waking up the next morning and doing it all over again.

Our clothes are for the people all around the world who live their lives with that same sort of attitude. People whose life is their style, not the other way around. People who see the glass half full. Unless there’s time for another.

For people that don’t ever try too hard. People that live life and love fully and freely.

No pressure.

From high quality mens swimming trunks, to linen shirts, towelling polos, kids swim shorts, beach bags and more. We’ve got your summer wardrobe covered.

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