The modern Podenco man is inspired by nostalgia and change. His homeland has developed throughout the years since being given the name of the island of Ibiza, which comes from the Phoenician word ‘Iboshim’, in honor of the God ‘Bes’ – a God of dancing and music. Dancing and music, link closely to style and the partying vibe of Ibiza, which creates the ultimate land for free spirited men to live a life of choice, and that is where the Podenco man stands today.

It seems the island of Ibiza has been a style capital from early times; the hippies flocked to the island in the early 60s to enjoy the good life the island excelled in creating. An alternative lifestyle was offered, those who seeked out vibrancy and colour, those who liked to travel, those who enjoyed a flamboyant stylish existence all landed on the island of Ibiza.

In 1965, world-renowned fashion photographer Richard Avedon shot for Harpers Bazaar in Ibiza and the Island was featured in the glossy magazine, fixing Ibiza and style high in the fashion rankings. Menswear was key from the early days in Ibiza, the movers and shakers were constantly attracted to the dusty rock. Models, rock stars and hippies would holiday and reside on the island frequently; it was and still is the most interesting creative melting pot. Bob Marley had visited on the early 70s establishing that the island really was a place to be at.

Ibiza in the 80’s became quite exceptional. It was a different way of life; something the Podenco man still lives and breathes now but in a more grounded sense. The streets were filled with open-air parties! Grace Jones would holiday alone, dancing till dawn in Ibiza’s party mecca, the Podenco man’s spirit is inspired by these times!

By the time the 90’s arrived, the rave scene was in full swing and the Ibiza was firmly on the map of where any party was at. Naomi Campbell was becoming a regular, The Rolling Stones had partied and Freddie Mercury was almost a local from the early 80’s.



My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

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Ibiza is the land that time forgot, the land where anything is possible and freedom is king.

The Podenco man thrives on the island, enjoying the lifestyle, the energy and the beautiful vibe. Our clothes reflect the attitudes and ideals of this wonderful place.

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